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Hoosiers Vaccinate is a local network of parents, friends, and community members in Indiana advocating for protection against diseases and infections. We are in favor of a science-based vaccine policy for the safety of our state’s residents. We believe that it is important for parents to share their stories on how vaccination has positively impacted their lives with neighbors, school and childcare leaders, and legislators.


Some of us are survivors of vaccine-preventable diseases, parents of children with weakened immune systems, parents who have lost children to vaccine-preventable diseases, or simply outspoken advocates battling the misinformation about vaccines. We speak up to explain why community immunity is necessary to the health of all present and future Indiana residents.


Our mission is simple: Hoosiers Vaccinate works to strengthen public health policy to keep our children and our community healthy and protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. State vaccine policies have a direct impact on the amount of people who get vaccinated, which in turn impacts the likelihood of a disease outbreak in our community.


By speaking clearly about our desire for a strong pro-health vaccine policy, we can make sure that Indiana’s legislature supports science-based immunization policies and legislation.