Hoosiers Vaccinate Social Media Policy

Hoosiers Vaccinate Social Media Policy

The purpose of Hoosiers Vaccinate’s social media channels is to share science-based information on immunizations. We answer questions about vaccines and promote an ongoing conversation about the issues related to vaccines.

As advocates, your ideas and perspectives are important to the conversation around vaccines. We encourage your comments, but ask that you follow a few guidelines.

Comment Policy

When we’re on our social media pages, we might notice that people have strong opinions, and that’s okay. Sometimes these opinions are about things we really care about, and we want to stand up for what we believe. To have good conversations on our social media, we just ask that when you leave comments, you talk about the topic and not be mean to others.

We want everyone to feel okay when they talk with us on social media. Whether you write a comment, ask us something by tagging us, or just look at our pages to learn things, we hope you’ll be polite to others.

If we see comments on Facebook or Instagram that are mean, make people upset, bother them, or just aren’t nice, we’ll take them down. We might also have to stop someone from coming to our pages if they don’t follow these rules. On Twitter, we’ll block and maybe tell someone’s tweet is not nice if it’s mean, upsetting, or bothersome.

What We Do Not Tolerate

Wondering what will get your comment deleted or will result in you being banned/blocked from Hoosiers Vaccinate’s social media channels? Hoosiers Vaccinate does not tolerate

  • Vulgar or abusive language
  • Name-calling
  • Personal attacks, harassment of any kind, or clearly intentionally
    mean behavior
  • Unsupported accusations
  • Hate speech or offensive terms that criticize individuals based upon race/ethnicity/nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Comments or discussions written intentionally to provoke others
  • Spam or unsolicited advertisements
  • Marketing information that promotes services or products

*To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personally identifiable information, such as last name, phone numbers or e-mail addresses in your comments.

Know the Facts

The people who run Hoosiers Vaccinate’s social media pages can’t make sure that everything said by others outside our group is right. We want you to know that we’re not responsible if you believe something that turns out to be wrong and it causes a problem for you.

Sometimes in our posts or comments, we might mention companies, things to buy, services, or other groups or people. We do this to share information only. This doesn’t mean we’re saying we like or support those things. You can’t use these mentions to say that we like or support them.

We Appreciate Your Participation In Advocacy

Thank you for taking the time to read this comment policy. We encourage your participation on our channels and look forward to an active, thoughtful exchange of ideas.

If you see something, say something. If you see a post or comment that goes against our social media policy, please contact the hosts of our channels to let us know.

The hosts Hoosiers Vaccinate reserve the right to modify this comment policy at any time.