Immunization Advocate: Patrick Glew

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Growing up, like other children, I received immunizations at my doctor’s checkups. I never questioned the wisdom of this; it was just something that happened when you went to the doctor, along with taking your temperature and looking in your throat. When I became an adult and learned more about immunizations, I realized how important this seemingly default action was.

Immunizations are a critical public health measure that has saved millions of lives globally. They have eradicated smallpox and nearly eradicated polio, and immunizing children one year old and younger according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended schedule protects them against more than ten serious diseases. Adequate immunization rates in communities helps protect those who cannot be immunized (because they’re immunocompromised) by creating herd community.

Like my parents, my wife and I vaccinate our two children because we want them to have healthy, full lives. We also want them to be vaccinated so that they can help protect those who can’t be vaccinated. We all have an opportunity to keep each other safe and healthy! Please keep your children healthy by getting them fully vaccinated!

If you’d like to learn more about the power of herd communities and immunization advocacy, contact Hoosiers Vaccinate.

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