Support the Hoosier Herd: Why Herd Immunity is Important

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Hoosiers Vaccinate operates as a counter-voice to the misinformation surrounding the topic of vaccines. Because we are aware of how misinformation can cause parents to be hesitant to vaccinate their children, we know how important it is to provide the public with accurate information about safe and life-saving immunizations.

Have you heard the saying, “it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch”? Well, it only takes one infected person to spread sickness throughout a community. That is why the concept of “herd immunity” is so vital to the health of our society.

What is Herd Immunity?

Vaccines protect individuals from catching disease and when enough people in a community are vaccinated, they provide a shield of protection for those who cannot be vaccinated, reducing the likelihood of people in the community catching vaccine-preventable diseases.

There are a variety of health reasons some individuals are not able to be vaccinated, however if enough of a percentage of a population are vaccinated, herd immunity can protect them.

In order to spread the word about herd immunity, Hoosiers Vaccinate members share our personal experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases – the loss of loved ones and our concerns about our immunocompromised family members that are threatened by decreasing immunization rates and declining herd immunity. We also speak with legislators, school officials, and fellow Hoosiers to provide the facts about vaccines. They are safe and vital to our public health.

Hoosiers Vaccinate will continue to be a positive voice in Indiana sharing science-based facts about the importance of vaccines and their role in keeping our community safe and healthy.

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