How to be a Pro-Vaccine Advocate: Spread the Word

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One of the best weapons against vaccine misinformation is YOU! By speaking to others in your community about the importance of vaccines, their safety, and effectiveness, you can advocate simply by having a conversation.

Are you on the PTO, have children on sports teams, or are you a church member? These are excellent groups to speak to because they care about their children and community.

With so much misinformation on social media and the return of diseases like measles and whooping cough, people need to know that:

It’s natural for parents to be anxious about vaccinating; after all, we all want what’s best for our children. However, studies have repeatedly shown that vaccines do not cause autism and are not full of toxic chemicals. And when it comes down to it, most parents do vaccinate their children. By being a pro-vaccine advocate and speaking about the safety of vaccines, we can help drown out the noise of the anti-vaccine movement.

For more tips on being a pro-vaccine advocate, check out these toolkits and our advocacy starter kit.

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