How to Be a Vaccine Advocate: Write

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Vaccines are the best way we have to prevent the spread of diseases and protect our families and communities. If you’d like to make a difference to your community and do your part to help keep the Hoosier Herd strong, there are several ways to be a vaccine advocate. One of the simplest ways is by writing.

Write a Blog Post for Hoosiers Vaccinate

If you’d like to tell your story about why you believe vaccines are important or share an experience you’ve had with immunization, submit a blog post to Hoosiers Vaccinate for us to share.

Putting your thoughts out there on paper (or screen more likely) can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you break it down into steps and tackle one at a time, before you know it, you’ve done it!

Here are three easy steps for how to write a blog post:

  1. Create an outline breaking your post down into three parts: an introduction, the main body with two to three points, and a conclusion.
  2. Write your post. You don’t have to start from the beginning; if it’s easier, start writing the main body, or even the conclusion. Take your time and do it in whichever way you are most comfortable.
  3. Edit your blog post. Read it aloud or have someone else read it to provide feedback. Don’t worry about it being perfect, the important thing is for you to share your story.

Write the Editor of Your Local Newspaper

Writing a letter to the editor of your local paper is a great way to spread awareness by reaching a wider audience and to make your voice heard. If you come across a relevant article, sit down and type out your response.

  • Most newsletters will have instructions on their websites for how to submit a letter to the editor.
  • Makes sure to follow the contact information and guidelines provided.
  • Keep your letter short.
  • Make your point clear and concise.
  • Include your full contact information.
  • Submit your letter soon after the article you’re responding to was published, within 24 hours if possible.

With anti-vaccination sentiments clouding up social media and measles outbreaks threatening the health of communities, being a vaccine advocate is more important than ever. For more information about submitting a blog post or to find out other ways, you can get involved with Hoosiers Vaccinate, contact us today!

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